Monday, October 10, 2022

Home Gym - Still Going Strong

Despite my home gym crossing the $10K mark, I still continually peruse the secondary markets and keep track of fitness training trends and tools.

Since July 1st, I have added Iron Grip Plates, Farmer's Carry Handles, DC Blocks, Bosu Ball, Thick Bar and a smattering of plates, light dumbbells, storage, collars and a slam ball.  Spend of $1,328, offset by $195 in sales for a net of $1,133.  Vintage spend is nearly a wash at $40 as I traded some items.

The only equipment I use on a regular basis (at CFG) that I do not own would be a Reverse Hyper and GHD.  No plans to buy a GHD, but a folding reverse hyper could be had for $350-$400

The only pieces of equipment that I would like to add is a 100# strongman sandbag that I expected to find easily on the secondary market.  I will likely just order this from Cerberus ($90).  I would also like a full sized deadlift jack and a platform.  I also need some bands (green ones) for stretching and accessory work.

In terms of Physical Culture, I would like to add some Thompson Fatbells ($200) and finish out my York Roundhead 1-50 collection (??).  I would also like to represent Power Lift (incline bench) and Sorinex (??).  Finally, I think it would be really cool to have an anvil ($300-$500).  For completeness, I would like some calibrated 25kg discs ($250)

In terms of upgrades, I would like to have more Iron Grip equipment (??).  I would also like to get a Texas Power Bar ($300).  

I would also like to expand my grip training equipment.  I would start with a loading pin and implement and build from there ($150+).

I have a few items that I need to liquidate, but am not in any hurry.  It does not make sense for me to have (3) sets of plyo boxes - J Box, First Place and DC Blocks, but they are convenient.  I do not use my Back Extension or Ab Bench enough to justify the space occupied.  Having a Yoke and Squat Stand is overkill.  It could also be argued that owning a literal ton of weight plates in a home gym is overkill.  

In terms of personal equipment, I am planning on getting some No Bull Shoes and a 2Pood Belt.

Ghost Strong 25kg Calibrated Kilo Pair - $258 ($2.34/lb) + $71 shipping + $25 tax = $353 ($3.20/lb)

UPDATE 10/13/2022 - In a whirlwind of secondary market finds, I happened to pick up a loading pin, 150# sandbag, 1050# of dumbbells, pushing my spend up another grand.  I will continue to be opportunistic since my training needs are 100% met by my current equipment.  Deadlift Jack and Platform are not hugely expensive and I do not really have space for them.  I am not sure where to start with grip implements, but maybe something from the King Kong Grip Challenge

2.25" Crusher (FBBC) - $115
Grab Ball (FBBC) - $40
Finnish Ball (Otevoima) - ?
Flask (Barrel Strength Systems) - shop closed
Little Big Horn (Ironmind) - $107.95

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