Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Magnum Biangular Seated Row

I came across this Magnum Biangular Row while dropping my kids off at school.  It has a sad fate near a dumpster.  As much as I would like to rescue it, I really have no room for a Biangular Row.  There is minimal rust, the upholstery is in good shape.  It is a beast.  I just measured it quickly and it has a footprint of 33 x 64 inches and is 42 inches tall.  It would not fit in my SUV.

I figure it could sell between $150 and $300 on the secondary market.  Unlike weights or a barbell, it is a pretty unique item that would be most useful for body builders.  Powerlifters would prefer seal row station and functional fitness folks are not big on fixed range of motion machines.

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