Monday, October 17, 2022

Maxicam Dumbbell Rack

I continue to purchase stuff I do not need.  In this case, I am very pleased with a Maxicam Modular Two Tier 6 Pairs Dumbbell Rack.  Retail is $565 (code MDR-2T6).  Even with some rusty hardware, this is easily a $100 rack that I was happy to grab for $50.  Now, I need to sell my straight rack.

Maxicam is now part of Muscle D Fitness.  Muscle D Fitness’s ownership and management is comprised of fitness industry veterans with well over 100 years in combined experience. Brian Lewallen, one of the founders, started in the strength business with Muscle Dynamics in 1977 with the heritage of private labeling benches, racks, and machines for Joe Gold of Gold’s Gym, Venice, CA plus the famous Muscle Beach. The company grew to many millions of dollars with a dealer network throughout the USA and internationally. MD was renowned for anatomical correctness of their equipment and the outstanding customer service given to dealers and customers alike.

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