Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Candelas Strongman Liquidating More Equipment

Prices are firm. Cash only. Will not deliver. MSRPs don't include the cost of freight or tax paid.

Mike Bartos Power Center MPBC Stone of Steel (Loadable) MSRP $1,095 https://www.mbpowercenter.com/shop/stone-of-steel/ $500 - SOLD 10/12/2022

Mike Bartos Power Center MBPC Power Keg (Loadable) MSRP $1,057 https://www.mbpowercenter.com/product/power-keg/ $500 - SOLD 10/12/2022

Mike Bartos Power Center MBPC HD Loading Table (Yoke Add-on) for 3" x 2" Yoke MSRP $464 https://www.mbpowercenter.com/product/hd-loading-table-yoke-add-on/ $150 NOW $100 (28”x24” Loading Area) NOW FREE PENDING by afternoon of 10/13/2022

Mike Bartos Big Top Circus Dumbbell 125lbs, MSRP $1,200 No Longer Sold - $800 - SOLD 10/12/2022

Mike Bartos Power Center Husafel - MSRP $1,093 https://www.mbpowercenter.com/product/husafell-stone-of-steel/ $600 NOW $500**

Arsenal Power Axle Solid Stainless & Knurled MSRP $530 https://www.arsenalathletics.com/product/power-axle $250, NOW $200**, 10/17 $150, SOLD

2 Rouge Strongman Throw Bags MSRP $150 each or $300 https://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-strongman-throwbag $150, NOW $100 PENDING by afternoon of 10/13/2022

EliteFTS Core Blaster Viking Press Attachment MSRP $187 https://www.elitefts.com/core-blaster-viking-press-attachment.html $80, NOW $50 PENDING by afternoon of 10/13/2022

Rogue Strongman Husafell Sandbag 150 lbs, filled to 125lbs $MSRP $160 https://www.roguefitness.com/rogue-husafell-strongman-bag $50 NOW $40

This is what was left when I saw the ad.  A Kabuki HD Trap Bar ($699.99 was offered for $300)
Rogue Monster Sandwich J-Cups ($290 was offered for $50)
Exxentric kBox4 Lite ($2700 was offered for $1200)
Kabuki Strength Duffalo Bar - Electroless Nickel w/Ghost J-Cups 1" (offered for $500)

I would have like the J-cups.  I would still like to grab the Rogue Fitness Husafell Strongman Bag for $50.  However, I would still prefer a standard round 100# bag.

UPDATE:  10/13/2022 - My interest list is down to the throw bags for $100 (if he drops the price a little more, I might have to pull the trigger).  I did like the Arsenal Bar, but would only be willing to pay $100 for it.

Seller just listed the Rep Crash Pads for $100 and the 10" Circus Dumbbell for $400 (10/14/2022 price dropped to $350; 10/15/2022 price dropped to $300; retail $573).

Originally listed for $50 and dropped to $20 and quickly sold.  Mike Bartos Power Pin (Duck Walk) Strongman.

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