Friday, October 28, 2022

Barbell Holder

It's come to this.  I am finally in the market for a free standing barbell holder.

  • Beater Bar - 2015
  • Technique Bar - 2016
  • Axle Bar - 2020 (February)
  • Bella Bar - 2021 (January)
  • Eleiko - 2021 (December)
  • Deadlift Bar - 2022 (June)
  • Farmers Carry Handles - 2022 (July) - first bars to be leaned up in corner
  • Loadable Dumbbell Handles - 2022 (September)
  • Thick Bar - 2022 (October)
  • Angle Multi-Grip Bar - 2022 (October)
While I do prefer wall mounted storage, I find myself in a precarious position due to the thick bar and multi-grip bar.  Also the shear number of twelve bars is presenting an issue.  Right now six bars are stored nicely on the wall and six are leaned up against corners.

My garage daily driver is the Eleiko and the basement daily driver is the Beater Bar.  The Technique and Bella Bar are used for overhead squats and Olympic Lifting.  I originally bough the Axle for grip work and continental cleans.  The Deadlift Bar, Farmer's Carry, Loadable Dumbbells, Thick Bar and Angle bar are toys that are fun to work into training, but do not see much action.

I am settled on a 9 barbell freestanding barbell holder.  Rogue is $165 + $50 tax and shipping or $215 all in.  Titan model is $105 shipped (up from $85 two years ago).  I have not seen any other brands that seem interesting.  5 bar holders are less stable.  Anything larger takes up a pretty large footprint.  Will likely be ordering the Titan model soon.  There is a Rogue model on Facebook Marketplace for $160.

As soon as I got ready to order this, a Titan model showed up on Facebook Marketplace for $60, but I cannot get in touch with the guy.

The guy came through this morning (11/3/2022) and I picked it up at lunch!

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