Saturday, October 22, 2022

Flurry of Good Finds

I have come across a surprising number of nice finds recently on Facebook Marketplace.

Titan Fitness Angled Multi-Grip Bar - 48# retailed for $115 back in the day, purchased for $75 in like new condition.  Intended to mix up bench days, triceps extension and biceps curls.

York Roundheads - 15# pair, purchased for $50.  Exceptionally well refinished.  Pre-USA.  $10 cheaper and no shipping when compared with Vintage Weightlifting Swap message boards.

AFA Falcons (pending, fingers crossed) - 45# pair.  Mike Caldero listed the following with the picture below

1 45lb bar - Nothing special, use as beater or list
4 45lb plates - AFA Falcons and what looks like a Marcy Grip Pair
Dumbbells - I count 5 with maybe a 20# single, 45# pair and 50# pair
Curl barbell - 65lb - Kind of cool
Would like to sell all together

I was offering $120 for just the AFA Falcons pair, but he was willing to sell all for $300 ($400 listing price).  It will be painful, but I should be able to liquidate the balance for at or above cost.

The offering ended up being 580 pounds:
  • 45# Barbell - SOLD
  • 45# Marcy Pair - SOLD
  • 45# AFA Falcons Pair **So excited about these**
  • 65# Fixed Weight EZ Curl - SOLD
  • 65# DB Pair - SOLD
  • 55# DB Pair - SOLD
  • 25# DB Pair - SOLD
I will take pictures today and list the offering.  We will see how things go.

11/4/2022 - In the end, I was able to liquidate everything I did not need.  It took two weeks, a tremendous number of Craigslist and Facebook inquiries and meeting five different buyers.

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