Friday, March 4, 2022

Splitting the Gym?

As I updated Home Gym 2.2 page, I realized my overflow section was a bit out of control and I am now considering having a Crossfit Gym in the garage and a Powerlifting/Bodybuilding Gym in the basement.

Crossfit Gym would be for metabolic conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, strongman and gymnastics.  The garage gym is starting to feel really cramped and I need the second garage bay.

Powerlifting/Bodybuilding would be the big 3 lifts, core work and accessory work.  The basement does not allow overhead work.

I will clean and organize the basement to see if this is even possible.  I need an 8 foot wide, by 12 long section to have any hope of success.  Yoke and plates in 8 x 6 and Ab Bench / Hip Extension in the other 8 x 6.  I will start by measuring the carpet and smoothing it out.

Crossfit Gym

Stall Mats
2x4 Foam Mat
Eleiko Barbell
Rogue Bella Barbell
Technique Bar
Rep Bumpers
Eleiko Change Plates
Rogue Flat Bench
Hex Dumbbells
Concept2 Rower
Jump Ropes
First Place Plyo Boxes
Wall Balls
Pull-up Bar
Weight Vest
Atlas Stones
Axle Bar
Battle Rope
Steel Mace
Rogue Home Timer
Start Somewhere / Team Gupta Banner
Silencer Pads
Titan Mass Storage
Wall Mount Storage

Powerlifting Gym

Rogue Beater Bar
Hi Temp Bumpers
Iron Plates
Cybex Bench
Metal Dumbbells
EZ Curl Bar and Plates
J Boxes
Ab Bench
Mutt Bar
MD USA clock
Rep Fitness Flag
Hip Extension
Squat Box
Cybex Weight Tree
Dumbbell Rack

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