Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Splitting the Gym - Progress 3/6/2022

Basement Powerlifting Gym

Garage Crossfit Gym

Garage Crossfit Gym

This past weekend, I spent a lot of time on Saturday rearranging the gym and gave it a test ride on Sunday with a workout.

This split works surprisingly well as Crossfit metabolic conditioning workouts never take weight from the rack.  Also powerlifting movements are nearly always stand alone strength movements.

The powerlifting space has a distracting aesthetic, but is remarkably functional.  I still need to move down the Hi Temp Bumpers, EZ Curl Bar and Plates, Mutt Bar and Chains.  I had originally planned on moving down the Ab Bench and Hip Extension, but those are going to stay in the garage.

The Crossfit space feels great.  I am likely going to move the 12" and 18" plyo boxes out to make more room for Olympic lifting.  I will also probably bring the Concept2 rower upstairs.  Otherwise, no changes are expected.

More importantly - Any additional equipment will really cramp the space.  That means no Ski Erg, no Assault Bike, no Lat Pull Down / Low Row.  That means no more weight.  That means no GHD, no Reverse Hyper.  

I even question the idea of fractional plates or SYQQ collars.  Fortunately, neither of those take up any space.

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