Monday, May 24, 2021

Gym Move

It is moving week.  I have to pack up and move the garage gym.  Last week, I took the yoke over.  Over the past several days, I have taken over the crash pads, bench press board, dumbbells, a couple of kettlebells and change plates.  Yesterday, I took down the pull-up bar and took it over to the new house.

The folding rack needs to be disassembled and the decorations taken off the walls.  I need to remove the ring hangers and barbell holders.  

Then I will pack up and take over the barbells and plates and Crossfit items.  I will take the rower over myself also.

I will leave the stall mats, bench, jump boxes and hip extension for the movers.

In terms of rebuilding, I want the stall mats down first.  All (6) in the garage.  Then I intend to mount the pull-up bar and folding rack and build the gym around those (2) items.  Down the road, I will plan on hanging the climbing rope and rings.  

I will paint and hang up the decorations, but that can wait a little bit.  Once I am settled in and depending on use, I want to get a storage solution also. Ideally, I can fold the rack, have hardware on the back wall and park a car in the space.

I sold the tire and some weight plates, but the gym is otherwise moving in as a complete unit.  I may bring over the plywood sheets also.  Plywood is surprisingly expensive right now and I would like to have wall ball targets and some protection for the drywall.

UPDATE 5/27/2021

I moved the folding rack, barbells, sandbag, another kettlebell and a wall ball yesterday.  I took down the plywood.  Next trip will be plates and rower.  Bench, Hip Extension, Plywood and Mats will be left for the movers.

UPDATE 6/2/2021

Stall mats are down and everything is physically in the space, but it is going to take a minute to get everything put together.

UPDATE 6/22/2021

The gym is substantially put together with pull-up bar hung, barbells stored, timer and clock hung, plywood mounted, white board and chalk board hung, yoke assembled and bench hung.  The weights, kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, atlas stones and sandbag are strewn about the floor patiently waiting for a modular storage system.  I am going to hold off on assembling the folding rack, rings and climbing rope.  The rower and hip extension are on the floor as well.

As I have resumed my CFG membership, I need to figure out what I want to do with the space.

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