Monday, May 10, 2021

Facebook Gym Equipment - Oh My!

This seller has a crap ton of gym equipment.  It looks like a Crossfit gym that closed down.  While I am certainly interested in some items, the pricing is near or above retail in a lot of cases.  I was considering a Rogue Infinity Rig, but will stick to my Rep fold away.

Bumper plates, bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, gym equipment, and more
Sporting Goods
Weight Lifting Equipment
Listed 8 hours ago in Denver, CO
Used - Like New
Hello, if it's listed with the price, it is available. Will mark "SOLD" when something sells. Items that are listed as a set will not be broken up. Will hold for a 50% deposit. Pickup off of Colfax and i25 by appointment. Pictures available upon request. Prices below. Thanks for looking! 
Bumper plates, KBs, bars, kettlebells:
365lb Rogue Hg Bumper Plate Set With Storage Rack, change plates and a Solid Bar Fitness 1200lb tensile strength 20kg black oxide Olympic barbell - $1020
(includes 2x2.5lb, 2x5lb, 2x10lb, 2x15lb, 2x25lb, 2x 35lb, 4x 45lb and barbell with clips) 
CAP 7' squat rack with pullup bar - $120
Cap fitness adjustable bench - $65
Fitness Gear adjustable bench - $65
Rep fitness 15kg Sabre bar - $160 each have 2
Unbranded 20kg bar - $108
Rogue 45lb hi temp rubber crumb plate pair - $200 each have 3 pairs.
Rage 45lb bumper plate pair - $180
Rep fitness 15kg comp plates (yellow) - $180
Sorinex 25lb rubber crumb plate pair - $100
Sorinex 10lb rubber crumb plate pair - $60
540lb Rogue Dumbbell Set with rack - $999
(includes pairs of 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50lb)
Rubber Hex dumbbell pairs - $1.85/lb - 65lb, 55lb, 50lb, 35lb, 30lb, 25lb x 2, 15lb
40lb Metal dumbbell pair - $100
Hex bar - $150 each  (have 3)
Metal Kettlebells - $1.65/lb 62lb, 60lb, 55lb, 53lb, 50lb, 15lb, 10lb, 8lb available
CAP plastic coated kettlebells - $1.50/lb 10lb x 2, 15lb x 2, 20lb x 1
Farmers carry bar pair - $100
Get rxd 39" jerk blocks - $600
Pullup Rigs and squat stands:
Rogue infinity 9' upright pairs (X-108 9' upright) - $350 each pair (have 9 pairs)
Rogue infinity 12' upright pair (X-144 12' upright) - $600
Rogue X-70 cross members (skinny / fat) - $120 each (have 17)
Rogue X-43 cross members (skinny / fat) - $100 each (have 4)

Dirty south bar 70" - $160
Dirty south bar 43" - $120 each  have 5
Rogue monster lite 90" upright pairs - $300 each pair (have about 15 pairs) 
CAP squat stand with pullup bar - $129
Conditioning equipment:
TRX style suspension straps - $60 each (have 6)
Fire hose battle rope (it's a long, 40' fire hose for the die hard out there) - $40
14' climbing ropes - $70 each (have 7)
Ab mats $10 each (have 3)
Rogue wall mounted bar storage - $80 each (have 2)
Gym mats (pictured) - $10 each (have about 30)
4kg VIPR - $40 each (have 5)
Wooden gymnastics rings with straps - $60 each (have 6)
SAQ cones, rings, ladders available cheap
Lifting belts - $10 each (have 6)
Sheik leather lifting belts - $40 (have 4)
24" Alex foam roller - $10 have 20
36" Foam Roller - $15 have a lot
36" grid hard plastic roller $20 have a lot
50lb sand bags - $80 each (shell and insert) have two
Step up riser with 3 risers - $60 each
Black (x heavy) pullup assist band - $25 
Green  (heavy) pullup assist band - $20
Black (medium)  pullup assist band - $15
20" box jump (wooden) - $60
16" box jump (wooden) - $50
Electronics and miscellaneous:
Swimming Goggles (new) - $10 have like 80 of them.
Powerheart G3 AED - $695
Philips AED heartstart defibrillator - $450
Synergee 29" timer with blue and red lettering, with remote - $150
MDUSA timer - $140
4.5cubic foot mini fridge - $60
2' x 4' mirrors - $50 each have 5
Small open sign - $10
Battle rope anchor (bolt on to wall) - $15
Battle rope anchor (rope tie) - $15
Healthline Medical scale, analog - $95


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