Wednesday, November 2, 2022

CMU - Bench Press

Monday, October 31, 2022

Colorado Mesa University


Warm Up

3 min versa climber

Cindy - 2 rounds (2 good pull-ups and 3 partial pull-ups per round, unbroken)

DB Push Press 

3x2@55# dumbbells

Decline Bench Press


Hammer Strength Isometric Row


Incline Bench Press 

3x5x95# - this felt remarkably more difficult than I remembered

Calf Raises


60 minute workout

Colorado Mesa University has a great fitness facility and lots of sports.  The rec center features basketball, indoor track and climbing wall.  I did not visit the pool or the functional fitness area.

The main gym had plenty of free weights and machine weights.  Three squat racks, 2 flat bench, incline and decline bench.  They had a mix of premium equipment including Hammer Strength, Rogue and others.  The dumbbells went to 125# in one rack and to 50# or 100# in the other racks I saw.  I enjoyed trying a versa climber for the first time.  I did not care for it, but it is compact and a great warm up tool.  They had plenty of floor space for calisthenics and functional fitness.  It was clean and organized and I felt compelled to wipe down my equipment after use.

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