Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Premium Weights

Rack, bar, curling bar, weights, and pull string.
(2) 2.5’s
(2) 5’s
(2) 10’s
(2) 25’s
(2) 35’s
Weights $1/lb

Rack+bar= $750

Curling bar= $95

Would prefer to sell set. Note that this is disassembled. All parts accounted for.

Bench is a little wobbly, will let go for free.

Contacted this guy and offered $185 for just the plates.  He was asking $155, but I do not mind paying a slight premium:

Rep Black 2x35 - $160 retail
Rogue Black 2x25 0 $113 (Echo Pair V2)
Rep Black 2x10 - $70 retail
Rep Change 2x5 0 $50 retail
Rep Change 2x2.5 - $30 retail (out of stock)
$423 - He was asking 37% of retail at $155 and I offered 43% of retail at $185.

I ended up picking these up and they were essentially brand new with a light coating of dust.  I probably could have gotten them at asking, but they are well worth $225 so I am still happy to split the difference

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