Thursday, November 3, 2022

Curl Bar and Plates

James Underwood had the following listing in Fairplay, CO

X- Mark solid Olympic curl bar with 6 ten pound poly coated plates plus “Lock Jaw” collars. 
No cracks or chips in the poly plates. 
All in excellent condition. 

Will meet for delivery to reduce time and milage 

I had been watching this for quite some time as he started at $130 and has been working his way down.  I did not want to drive the 1.5 hours to Fairplay, so did not reach out.  If I can meet him near Morrison, that would be a win.

X-Mark sells a variety of Curl Barbells in the $71-$87 range based (plus they are 15% off right now).  They are all either manganese phophate or black manganese phosphate coated.

Iron Horse - 25 mm, extreme angled handles, 49.25"
Chisel - 28 mm, needle bearings - 47.25"
Crowbar - 28 mm - 48"
3675 - 28 mm, brass bushing, 47.25"
Lumberjack - 25 mm, brass bushing - 48.25"
3670 - 25 mm, nylon bushing - 47.25"
Blacksmith - 28 mm, nylon bushing - 48.25"

This appears to be a 3670 or 3675.  I am not particular about bar diameter.  It appears to have brass bushings and would be the 22 pound 3675 model.  The loadable sleeve length is 6.75" which is a little longer than the 3675, but it definitely has brass bushings.  It is also for sure 28 mm.  I need to weight it, but it is on the order of 22 pounds.

The Lock Jaw Collars are a premium brand and these appear to be the original model.  The Pro 2 currently retails for $43/pair.

The (6) Intek plates and the gem in the listing.  They appear to be Armor Series Solid Urethane Olympic Plates.  These are premium commercial quality plates that retail for $4/lb.  Even in the secondary market, urethane coated plates can command $2/lb.

The $90 asking price compares to 26% of the $340 (74 + 32 + 240) retail and 62% of the $145 (45 + 10 + 90) secondary market pricing.

The way I see it, I am getting the plates for $1/lb; the clamps for $5 and the curl bar for $25.  It will be a nice addition if it comes through.  I know rackable curl bars are popular, but I really do not need anything that big.

I met Jim at the Phillips 66 and he turned out to be an interesting, fit guy in his 60's.  He came up in the Golden Age of body building in the 1970's and 1980's.  He was a Mr. Missouri who trained with the wrestlers of the era in Atlanta (including Les Thornton) and even made trips out to LA to train at Muscle Beach and Gold's Gym.  His last contest was in 1998, which seems like a long time ago, but still fun to have the back story.  He has owned gyms in the past as well.

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