Saturday, November 12, 2022

Garage Gym Competition Fall 2022


This is my second year participating in the Garage Gym Competition.  I had a lot of fun in the spring and put up a 750# Total.

Since May, I have not focused on Powerlifting.  We are halfway through a Front Squat and Deadlift cycle at Crossfit and I have been Benching a little more since I have been sick.


240# - GGC PR

240 is within spitting distance of my lifetime best of 264# (2/24/2020)


195# - GGC PR

195 is really close to my lifetime best of 205# (10/27/2015)


330 - GGC PR, lifetime PR!

330 represents a lifetime PR, nudging past the 325# block I have not been able to push past until now

Total = 765# (2% improvement over last year 235+190+325=750).

I was happy to go 8 for 9.  I was honestly surprised that I was not breaking 335 off the ground.  330 may not have been pretty, but it felt fine.  I expect there was some neurological fatigue.  Three maximum efforts in 1.5 hours is not joke.

I did not expect any massive improvement.  Honestly, the fact that I could set a deadlift PR is still amazing to me and gives me hope that an 800 or 850 pound total not out of the question.  I targeted 275+225+345=845 back in May, but never put together a plan to achieve it.  I would like to maintain my squat and deadlift and intend to bench press two days per week.

I also had some new equipment for this competition including my Iron Grip plates, Texas Power Bar and Strongarm Sport Deadlift Bar.

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