Saturday, November 12, 2022

Hammer Strength FWADJ Bench

I have been keeping my eye out for a commercial grade adjustable bench.  I was hoping to come across a reasonably priced Power Lift, but this beauty from Hammer Strength fits the bill.

The pictures do not do it justice.  It appears to have 6 settings from 10 degree decline to 75 degree incline and the foot plate is a real bonus in aesthetics and functionality.

My goal would be to use it as a dumbbell bench.

The price tag of $150 obo is half of what they have been listed for on line. Currently there is a model that is on Ebay for $750 with 10 people watching.  That seems ridiculous, but $100 to $250 is a good range for commercial grade benches.

Only downside is that this beast weight in at 100 pounds.

Johnny Belknap was a nice seller.  The bench was saved from a high school that was getting rid of gym equipment.  It was in good shape with no rust, but there is a slight tear in the upholstery.  Considering that, I offered $120 and he countered at $130 which I felt comfortable paying.  I could have it repaired or reupholstered for less than $100. 

Machine Classification: FWADJ
  • Item:  Adjustable Bench
  • Training Zone:  Multi Zone
Technical Specifications: FWADJ
  • Dimensions  66" L by 22" W by 43" H
  • Weight  100 Lbs.
  • 11 gauge steel for rugged durability
  • Variety of free weight strength training options including Olympic stations, Training stations, Storage stations, and Body Weight stations
  • Convenient storage options include dumbbell racks, barbell racks, and bumper plate storage
  • Features a sturdy, bolt-together design
  • Constructed of the same durable components as Hammer Strength plate-loaded equipment
  • Foot support
  • Easy user adjustments
Full Circle Padding makes replacement padding.  $82 without edge guard and $108 with nylon edge guard.

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