Monday, November 14, 2022

If I Were Moving Out of State...

What gym equipment would I take with me?

I would likely start from scratch and buy flooring and a half rack at the new location.  I would get a new pull-up bar

I would bring my Rogue Bench and Eleiko Barbell.

I would bring some weight (660#)
  • 45s - Rep Color, AFA Falcons, York
  • 25s - Rep Comp, Broncos Billard
  • 15s - Hi-Temp
  • 10s - Rogue, Eleiko, Hercules, Milled York, Broncos BFCO
  • 5s - Eleiko, Milled York
  • 2.5s - Eleiko, York
  • 1.25 - Eleiko
  • 0.5 - Unbranded
I would bring the QuickLee and TeamGupta OSO Collars

I would bring my DC Blocks

I would bring my 20#, 27.5#, 35#, 50# functional fitness dumbbells (260#)

I would bring my York Dumbbells 1-50# (654#)

I would bring my abmats and jump ropes

I would bring my blob and other grip implements.

I would bring the gymnastics mat

I would bring the clock and decorations

I would bring the Crossover Symmetry bands and regular bands


Over the next 10 years, I will be reducing my gym needs, wants, etc.  I will always want to squat, bench and deadlift.  I will always want to do a pull-up and jump on a box.  Everything else is kind of gravy and collecting.  It will be increasingly less reasonable to be able 

Sell List:

44# Mutt Bar
DB over 75# - hard to come by, but valuable, could take a while to sell
First Place Plyo boxes - will be difficult to part with these

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