Sunday, July 7, 2024

RMRR Stonehouse 2M

I enjoy this race because it is close to the house, it is a small field and it is a flat, fast course.  The RMRR (Rocky Mountain Road Runners) includes this as part of their Trophy Series where runners are staggered based on their predicted finish.

The last race I participated in had me at 11:25 pace so I started at 0:00.  I finished in 22:17 (roughly an 11:05 pace) which was much faster than predicted and good enough for 12th place in the Trophy Series.  While a 22:17 two mile is nothing to write home about, it was a nice effort for me.

RMRR also made the call for new board members.  As an all volunteer organization, they depend on volunteers to step up and keep the club running.  They have been running together for 65 years now.

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