Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Getting Carried Away with USAWA/Grip/Highland Games/Deka - UPDATE 2024.07.03

I originally made this post in January 2024, but it is time for an update because I have still been on a spending spree.

I have been able to dabble in USAWA/Grip/Highland Games/Deka without too much additional expense.  After a spending spree in January, there has been a slow but consistent trickle of expenses on USAWA ($35 + $110), Grip ($820), Highland Games ($0) and Deka ($1,150).  $2,115 in six months.

I would like to claim that I am done.  My short wish list for USAWA equipment is likely on hold unless opportunities present themselves.  I will still purchase grip toys from time to time.  I can live without a 22# hammer and blades for Highland Games.  I am all done buying Deka toys.


To date (2022-2023), I had only spent $70 on USAWA specific equipment.  $20 on an old barbell for the sleeves, $30 for a Fulton bar and $20 for an anchor ring.  In January, I have purchased a Roman Chair, Cerberus Dinnie Trainer, 1" v-bars, Fulton Dumbbells, Inch Dumbbells, Neck Harness and fabricated a Hip Belt ($110 supplies) for an additional $825.

Phase 1:  I am prepared to buy a heavy lift bar and hand & thigh bar from Arm Assassin for $210, but would prefer to just borrow Kim's as required.

Phase 2:  3.5" dumbbell from Arm Assassin for $50 and a 3" axle bar from Titan Fitness for $130.  $180 Total.

I would need a Saxon Plank, Trap Bar, Harness Lift Harness & Hand Rails, Regulation Roman Chair and Vertical Leg Press to build out a USAWA fully equipped gym.


To date (2019-2023), I had only spent $741 on grip stuff.  In January, I have purchased Ironmind Little Big Horn, Rolling Thumber and BSS Flask for an additional $355.  As of July, I am up to $1,896 in grippers, contest implements, blobs and misc.

I am prepared to buy an Oka DaBloom for $50.


To date (2023), I had spent $585 on Highland Games equipment.  In January, I purchased a 42# WOB for an additional $200.

I am going to hold off on a 22# Hammer and Blades.


To date (2023), I had spent $50 on Deka.  In January, I purchased a 44 pound Deka RAM for $130.

Since January, I have purchased a bike erg ($900) and tank ($250) for an additional $1,150


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