Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Fitness Goals 2023 v3

I thought v2 was perfect.  However, I have found some additional events that I am hoping to sneak into the schedule.  Also Thor Strength is contemplating adding a winter event so I cannot let my Strongman training go completely.

February - CrossFit Open (v1)

May - Littleton's Strongest 2 (v2)

May - Garage Gym Competition (v1)

June 24-25 - USAWA Nationals in Columbus, Missouri (v3)*

July 13 - USAWA Colorado Record Day, Colorado Springs (v4)*

July 17-20 - Business travel to Columbus, Ohio

July 22 - Tough Mudder Byers, Colorado (v2)

July 29 - AFA Push/Pull/Squat Colorado Springs, Colorado (v4)*

August 6 - Colorado Scottish Festival Amateur Scottish Heavy Athletics in Sedalia, Colorado (v3)*

August 7-9 - Business travel to Loveland, Colorado

August 11-14 - Personal travel to Memphis, Tennessee

August 19 - Thornton Celtic Festival and Highland Games (v5)*

August 26 - D'Evelyn Dash (v1)

September 9 - Littlefoot Triathlon (v1)

October 14 - King Kong Grip Challenge in Carbondale, CO (v3)*

October 19 - Personal travel to Orlando, Florida

October 28 - Garage Gym Competition (v1)

November 5 - Deka Mile (tentative)*

November 11 - Lakewood Unsanctioned Powerlifting Meet*

November 20 - Personal travel to New York

December 2 - Thor Strength Showdown (v4)* - CANCELED

*Indicate new events since v2.

I still think it is possible to train and enjoy competing in different events.  Priorities:
  • Open Water Swimming
  • Running
  • Drop in at FitFocr
I need to balance all of this against a somewhat hectic summer with a couple of business trips, supporting my daughters with internship, summer camps and basketball camps.

My priority events are still the Tough Mudder and the Littlefoot Triathlon.  I feel like I can train through and enjoy a Odd Lifts, Highland Games and Grip Contest, but it will definitely be some windshield time.  I typically opt for events close to home, but have enjoyed branching out.

I consider myself an all around athlete and believe in the General Physical Preparedness model.  The events would require a lot of specific training in order to do well.  I am hoping to manage with one specific training session per week.
  • Highland Games - throw once a week
  • Odd Lifts - not much I can do here, the contest is in a couple of weeks.  I might get in two more good training sessions
  • Grip Challenge - two short sessions per week - Jug, Crusher, Finnish Ball, Pinch Block
v1 included running an 8 minute mile and getting up to a 225# bench press.  I still want to work on those.  It also included RMRR participation.  I joined and have done one event and may start dropping in for track workouts on Wednesday nights at Wheat Ridge High School.

v2 added a Strongman event that I found online and the Tough Mudder that Dave is coming to town for.  I did really well in the Strongman event and would like to work towards being strong enough to participate in open events.

v3 added USAWA Nationals, Highland Games and the 2023 King Kong Grip Challenge.

v4 are last minute additions and events that I learned about in real time.

The thought process and calendar is important as I think about training for next season and the events I want to participate in.

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