Thursday, June 22, 2023

2023 Equipment Purchases

For supposedly being done, several times over, I have accumulated quite a bit in 2023

Modern ($1,820)

January - 2x2 tiles
February - Emaxx bar
March - kettlebells, sled, training plates, mass storage, reverse hyper, regret banner
April - Kabuki, Weight it Out change plates
May - Rogue change plates, Kilo change plates, technique plates, wall mount rig
June - Rogue change plates, Abmat barbell pillows

Vintage ($1,025)

January - York Roundhead (50#)
February - Deep Dish (Billard 45's, USA 10's)
March - York Roundhead (6-6-12-15-15-35-35#), York Plates (2 pair 2.5's), Globes (40's)
April - York Roundhead (12#)
May - York Roundhead (9-9#)
June - nothing yet

Notably, nothing has been sold during this time.  Previous 6 month spans have all seen some selling.

Vintage available for resale - 1-15-15-15-50-80-85-95 dumbbells

Modern available for resale - ?

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