Monday, June 26, 2023

Basement Gym Visit

As part of my trip to Missouri, I stopped in Kansas City to trade some weights with another member of Vintage Weightlifting Swap.  As a bonus, he showed me his OA bath set up and his basement gym which was fantastic. 

Notable barbells included a vintage safety squat bar, longhorn bar and two different trap bars (Eleiko and Kubuki Strength).  He had a plethora of globes, buns and roundheads.  He is working hard to complete a globe set.  He also had a variety of grip implements including cannonballs, grandfather clock, pinch blocks, iron mind stuff and a half 50 globe that I could not get off the ground.  His collar collection was extensive as well.  Of note were the ship wheels and Ivankos.  The plate spanned quite the gamut with York DD, Marcy LA, BFCO DD, Mars DD, Ivanko, International and Rogue 6 shooters.  He also had a full York Standard set.  The Kettlebells were interesting as well.  They were a full set from Onnit including the rare Iron Man kettlebell.  Another cool item was plate hangers that could be attached to any barbell to allow for overhead pressing with limited ceiling height.

A couple of item I had never seen were an Sidewinder Revolution Wrist Roller and T-Bells.  He had actually purchased about 50 T-bells at pennies on the dollar and had been flipping them.  We were able to work out a deal so that I could trade for them.

A.L. was a great guy with a passion for lifting, modern equipment and vintage equipment.  We chatted for well over an hour about all things gym and non-gym.

I came with a few dumbbells for trade and left with a dumbbell, some squat stands, a few change plates and a couple of t-bells that I am excited to try out.

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