Friday, December 10, 2021

T-bar with Weights

I cam across the most random item on Facebook Marketplace.  The T-bar with weights is being offered by Shannon Walker in Boulder for $50 each and they come with 25# of weight.

It appears to be custom fabricated 2 inch pipe with a stack of 5# weight plates.

I am glad they are priced high.  Otherwise, I might drive up to Boulder to grab one of these for goodness knows what?  They are too light for power stairs, too awkward for swings, could not be used for Farmer's Carry.  The only thing I could think of would be reduced range of motion deadlift.

I ended up reaching out to Shannon who said she used them for "...upright rows, farmers carries, or if you have a cable you can use it for cable exercises"

Definitely keeping an eye on these.

Shannon followed up with me with some additional pictures.  After a little more research, I found that these are also called Duck Walk Implements and are often homemade, but Titan has some for $25.  I have also seen them referred to as Hungarian Core Blasters and actually act as an adjustable kettlebell.  She has also listed some Suples Training Dummies for $300 each.

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