Monday, December 6, 2021

More Gym Equipment???

It is official.  I have a problem.

In the grand scheme of issues that I have, collecting gym equipment is pretty low on the list of devastations.  Not an excuse, but certainly a justification for today.

I met a nice lady in Wheat Ridge who owned a boxing gym for 10 years.  She had to close her doors as a result of the pandemic and is finally getting around to selling some extra equipment.

She had listed several items and on Friday (12/3/2021 the following were left):
  • (4) 45# bumper plates - $180
  • Bosu - $20 (sold between when I contacted her and Saturday morning)
  • 60# DB - $120
  • 5# DB - $10
  • 3# DB - $6
  • Timer - $50
  • Rogue Multi-use Hanger 8" - $25
  • Chains 25# - $15 each
  • Bench - $40
  • Clamps - $5/pair
  • Jump Ropes - $5
  • Boxing Mitts - $15 each (Hyabusa and Society Nine; SN is a women's brand)
  • Med Balls - $1/pound
  • Slam Balls - $1/pound
  • Bands, foam rollers, cushions, abmats - $5 OBO
I took a look and picked up
  • Muscle Driver Clock Gone Bad - (retail $160) - I do not need another clock, but this has huge 6 inch numbers, is very loud and works perfectly.  I still prefer my Rogue clock specifically for intervals, but this is a nice addition.
  • Rogue Multi-use Hanger - (retail $39) - I just bought the 5 inch version and bought this primarily because it was a good deal
  • Chains - (retail $100+) - This is the true score and nice addition to my gym.  I have always wanted to try training with chains and am excited to use these.
  • Abmats from Rage Fitness and Yes 4 All - (retail  $20 and $15) - I made the mistake of buying some beat up Rage Abmats from CFG and these were in great shape at the same price point.
  • Hyabusa Mitts - (retail $79) - I have been interested in a set of mitts to hit with Diya and cannot wait to try these out.
She was asking $130 for the items I was interested in and was willing to take $100.  It may have helped that I was wearing my Liberty hat as her husband worked in the oilfield.

As of Monday (12/6/2021) the pickings were slimmer with the plates and bench sold.  She still had the dumbbells, climber grips, clamps, med ball and slam balls.

I met a really interesting character in Parker.  Larry is a 70 year old Type 1 diabetic who seems like he could win his age group in the Crossfit Games.  He has maintained a home gym for quite some time and now enjoys training at commercial facilities with the silver sneakers program.

He was selling (2) 45# bumper plates and (2) barbells.  The barbells were functional.  They sleeves had minimal spin and upon inspection of the sleeves, they were of the bolt on variety.  The bumpers were pristine and had the older Rogue logo (as opposed to the newer font)

I passed on the barbells, but he did accept my $100 offer for the plates.  $1.11 per pound for Hi-Temp plates is less than I paid pre-pandemic.  He was even kind enough to throw in a set of spring collars.

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