Thursday, December 16, 2021

Listing the PR-3110 & Dumbbells

I finally listed my folding rack (on 12/16/2021).  I do not mind holding onto it and it would still be a good solution if I switched to the other half of the garage.  If that does happen at some point, I will be kicking myself.  If it does sell for asking, I am planning on buying an Eleiko Hybrid Bar for $699.  I could just buy it anyway, but I am making a real effort to reduce the amount of gym equipment I own and the investment I have made.  It seems ridiculous to be pushing the $7K mark.  Ideally I would stay in the $5K range, but I am having a hard time parting with my babies.

If I do get the Eleiko Hybrid Bar, I will sell the Rogue Beater Bar for whatever I can get for it.  Maybe $100.

Of 370 views, I only had one person express interest by 12/20/2021 and they offered $300 sight unseen (meaning who knows if it was a legitimate offer).  I dropped the price to $400 on 12/21/2021.  Within 12 hours, I had an offer and Sean Murphy would like to pick up this weekend.  Sale completed 12/26/2021.  He even offered the original $500, but that would not be right.

I also listed my 65# and 50# dumbbell pairs for $165 and $145 respectively on 12/21/2021.  I would like to get at least $130 for the 65# pair and am willing to hold onto the 50# pair.  David Sroka intends to buy both for $300 (SOLD).  I would like to pick up a 20# and 45# pair from Craigslist for $150, but would really like to sell something first.

Gym Squat and Power Rack with Spotter Arms


Listed 3 minutes ago in Lakewood, CO


Condition: Used - like new
Brand: Rep Fitness

Rep Fitness PR-3110 Folding Wall Mount Squat and Power Rack (41" Depth).  PR-3110 2"x3" 11 gauge steel with plastic lined J-cups, 1.25" pull-up bar and spotter arms.

I used this in my garage gym for a long time and it was very convenient to be able to park the cars in the garage, but also have a home gym.

It is very stable for powerlifting and the pull-up bar has enough clearance from the wall for kipping movements.

The spotter arms are solid and could be used for rack pulls and pin presses.

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