Thursday, September 29, 2022

Upright Utility Bench

Titan Utility Bench - $150 (Out of Stock)

Facebook Marketplace Listing (TriquilliaDavid Green $75)

PowerBlock Upright Bench (Discontinued)
Tuff Stuff Upright Bench PPF-703 (MSRP $727)

While I was able to hold off buying the Iron Grip 85# dumbbells, I cannot shake the idea of wanting an upright bench for military/shoulder press.  These are typically only found in commercial gyms and mostly for bodybuilding.  Specifically seated shoulder press or triceps overhead extensions.  I have done these movement in the past with a preacher curl bench and an adjustable bench, but this would allow positioning inside a rack.

The primary retail market does not have much.  Legend Fitness offers one (pricing upon request).  Titan Fitness sells one ($149 out of stock).  Valor Fitness has one ($122 out of stock).  They are not sold by Rogue, Powerlift, EliteFTS or Sorinex.  PowerBlock used to sell one and there was one listed in the secondary market for around $50.

They are not typically found in home gyms or athletic conditioning centers due to the large footprint and limited use potential.  The titan model is 41" x 31" and that is on the small side when compared to units with a foot plate.

The bench currently available in Colorado Springs seems perfect, but it is 75 miles away and I have had a hard time connecting with the seller.

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