Monday, April 13, 2020

Home Gym Prices in a time of Covid

I feel the need to weigh in on the state of gym equipment.  As gyms are closed and people are looking to maintain their fitness routines, the demand for gym equipment is at an all time high.  Rogue, Rep Fitness, Raptor Fitness Supply and Titan Fitness are out of stock on nearly everything and are staffing up to meet demand.  The secondary market (Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace) has prices at 2X retail.  Today, I saw Ethos Bumper Plates (160#) and a Barbell (45#) (Dicks Sporting Goods house brand) for $750.  This retails for $430 and I would not buy it at that price.  For comparison, I bought my Hi Temp Bumpers (190#) and Beater Bar (45#) for $365 during normal second hand times.  My dream set is Rep Black  Bumpers (250#) for $339 and a Matt Chan Cerakote Barbell for $395.  The total price is $734 without shipping.  Squat racks are equally non-sense.

That being said, for those fortunate few individuals who purchased weightlifting equipment and never use it, go ahead and cash in.  For those who want to upgrade and can get by with body weight stuff in the near term, go ahead and cash in and buy back later.

One of the really cool benefits is a resurgence of "old school" CrossFit.
  • DIY squat racks made from 2x4's, 5 gallon buckets and concrete
  • DIY parallettes from PVC
  • DIY medball from a sandbag and duct tape
  • DIY plyometric boxes
  • DIY pull-up bars made from 1" galvanized pipe
  • DIY slosh pipes made from 4" pvc
  • DIY peg boards
  • Sand bag and other Odd Object Training
  • Flipping loader tires
As I have trained for the past four weeks in my home gym (27) sessions, I have used nearly all of my equipment (with the exception of my Axel Bar and Climbing Rope).  I have also got a wish list started that includes a gym timer, rubber hex head dumbbells (35 & 50# pairs) and a Concept 2 rower.  Oddly, I had wanted these for a while, but could not justify dropping another $1,000 on gym equipment when I train nearly exclusively at an affiliate.  Even if I went to a globo gym, those items are readily available.

UDPATE: 4/28/2020 (31 bids) 45# pair of Rogue Color Echo Bumper plates on Ebay for $260 + $200 shipping (retail $145)


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