Thursday, February 13, 2020


DEKAFIT is coming to Denver.  Dekafit will be held March 21st at the Bowlen Fieldhouse at UC Health Center.  It consists of a 500m run, followed by the Zone 1 movements, 500m run, followed by Zone 2 movements, 500m run, etc.

Zone 1 - Spartan RAM Squat - 30 reps with 55/44# RAM Elite/Open
Zone 2 - 500m Row
Zone 3 - Box Jump Overs - 20 reps at 24" (step up OK for Open)
Zone 4 - Med Ball Sit-up Throw - 30 reps with 20/14# Elite/Open
Zone 5 - 500m Ski Erg
Zone 6 - Farmers Carry - 100m with 60# in each hand? 70/53# Elite/Open
Zone 7 - 20 Cal Air Bike
Zone 8 - Dead Wall Ball Overs - 20 reps with 60# ball over 4' barrier?  70/50# Elite/Open
Zone 9 - Tank Push Pull - 50 meters total of push & 50 meters total of pull
Zone 10 - RAM Burpees - 20 reps with 44# RAM (step back/forth OK)? 55/33# Elite/Open

Essentially athletes will run a 5K with "functional fitness" or "H.I.I.T." movements thrown in.

I feel comfortable with all of the movements, but the rep scheme could get tough.  I roughly estimated each Zone would take about 3 minutes and with my slow running, this amounts to a roughly 75 minute event.

Zone 1 - 55# squat is not heavy, but the RAM may be tough to handle
Zone 2 - OK
Zone 3 - 24" is fine, 20 reps is not bad
Zone 4 - this could be tough
Zone 5 - OK
Zone 6 - OK
Zone 7 - OK
Zone 8 - Not sure about this.  It seams OK
Zone 9 - Not sure about this.  It is a unique implement
Zone 10 - Hell of a way to finish.  44# press overhead is fine, but not sure about RAM implement and will be really tired.

Some websites list different weights than the official website, but I am sure I can update my registration on site.  I think this will be a really good event and seems to be chip timed with splits to compare performance year over year.  For the average weekend warrior like myself it is a pretty cool measure.  It is unlikely that I will ever do a NFL combine style workout or an actual Decathalon (even if I did, I would have to skip the pole vault).


Dekafit is coming up.  They just announced some changes and provided details and a rule book.

Zone 1 is now 30 reps 55# weighted alternating reverse lunge (I would have preferred squats)
Zone 2 is still 500m row (damper setting 5)
Zone 3 is still 20 reps 24" box jump over (can step over)
Zone 4 is 25 reps of seated med ball throw 20# to 4.5' target
Zone 5 is still 500m ski erg (damper setting 5)
Zone 6 is 100m farmers carry with 60 lbs in each hand
Zone 7 is 25 calories on the air bike
Zone 8 is 20 reps of 60 lb ball over 4' wall
Zone 9 is tank push/pull for total of 50m push and 50m pull
Zone 10 is 20 weighted burpees with a 44# RAM

The 500m run amounts to 1.5 laps so the course map above shows that the deka zones are staggered.

I did have a chance to test the deadball wall overs at the gym and feel better about this movement.  I need to test the alternating reverse lunges and med ball throws (place feet under 50# dumbbells) this week.

It is the athlete's responsibility to select the correctly weighted implement.  Also the athlete must stay on the rower, ski erg or air bike until the referee can verify the distance.

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