Friday, February 7, 2020

Home Gym

I have no idea why I keep coming back to this, but I am finally starting to get dialed in.

Start with homemade platform - 4 cheap sheets of plywood, 1 nice sheet, 1 stall mat - $200

Barbell - I am leaning towards the Matt Chan bar - $400 - upgrade from existing

Bumper Plates - Rogue Competition # - $500 - upgrade from existing

Raptor Fitness La Yunta Yoke - $400 - only if we move, substitute for a rack

Flat Bench - Rep Fitness FB-5000 - $149 - upgrade from existing

Pull-Up Bar - Rep Fitness - $99 - only if we move

I will keep the odds and ends that I have including abmats, plyoboxes, wall ball, rings, kettlebells, resistance bands, rope, parallettes, sandbag and gymnastics mats.

I will definitely keep the Atlas Stones and will pick up a tire if we move.  I might pick one up this summer even if we are not moving anywhere.

Starting from scratch, I could build a really nice single garage space gym for about $2000 (about the cost of 1 year of Crossfit or 10 years at a Globo Gym).

If I sold the basement sofa, built a platform and purchased a yoke, I would have an ideal space for squat, bench and deadlift.  I could also use it for any other barbell strength and conditioning.

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