Friday, December 20, 2019

Captains of Crush

I finally broke down and got my first Captains of Crush grip training tool.

They are made in a variety of tensions:

Guide:  60# (perfect for beginner, senior or rehab patient)
Sport:  80# (active, but have not been training your grip)
Trainer:  100# (serious overall strength, but have not been training your grip)
0.5:  120#
No 1:  140# (use hand strength for your job or have been training with sporting good-store-type grippers
No 1.5:  167.5#
No 2:   195# (life saving levels of grip strength)
No 2.5:  237.5#
No 3:  280# (world class, get certified)
No 3.5:  322.5#
No 4:  365# (Be Like Magnus Samuelsson!)

Warm Up gripper - do 10 reps easily

Work Set gripper - 5-7 reps

Challenge gripper - The gripper you are trying to close next

As an amateur who has not completely let go of his ego, I opted for my first gripper to be the Sport.  I can close this for 10 reps with my right and left hand with some effort.  While that may qualify as a warm-up gripper, I am going to stick with it for some months, before going for the Trainer. 

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