Saturday, December 1, 2018

Tire Flips

Saturday, December 1, 2018


8:50 AM

Row - 10 min, 103 calories, 1950 meters

WMCF Dynamic Warm-up

3x3 pike push-ups from 24" box

3x6 Tire flips with light tractor tire

5x5 Burpees

40 minutes total workout

Much to my chagrin, I was informed that the TruFit on 88th was closing and my membership would be moving to their location at 120th and Federal.  It brought back disconcerting memories of the Aspire debacle with the location on 64th closing, the move to 84th and Federal and then that location closing.  It makes me appreciate how tough the globo gym market is.  It seems like a really easy business model.  Lease the space, lease equipment, have somebody at the front desk and get some insurance.  Yes you will need to clean the place and figure out hours.

I have seen micro-gyms come and go also, but for some reason CrossFit gyms usually endure.  The primary driver seems to be sense of community.  I am not sure what the break even membership number is, but at 100 members paying $150/month that works out to $15K month.  To get the equivalent from a globo gym, you would have to sign up closer to 1000 members and they are less loyal.

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