Saturday, December 15, 2018


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Chuze Fitness - Westminster

9:30 AM

Beginner Option
For time:
30 box jumps (20")
30 jumping pull-ups
30 kettlebell swings (20#)
30 walking-lunge steps
30 hanging leg raises
30 push presses (30#)
30 back extensions
30 wall-ball shots (11#)
30 burpees
30 single-unders

Men: 16-inch box, 8-kg KB, 22-lb. push press, 10-lb. ball
Women: 12-inch box, 4-kg KB, 11-lb. push press, 8-lb. ball

This was a good smooth workout until the burpees.  I need to add those into my routine.  The jumping pull-ups were a little tough as well, because I was jumping to a bar just above my reach.

Chuze Fitness has made a lot of progress since the last time I was there.  They have 3 Hammer Strength Racks with Eleiko Performance Weighlifting Bars and Sport Performance Bumper plates.  They also added additional benches for bench press.  The rest is substantially the same.  They are very much on par with Vasa Fitness.  Pricing is variable.  $22/month for everything or $10 a month for equipment only.  There is also an enrollment fee and $40 annually fee.

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