Friday, August 12, 2022

Bosu Ball

After what seems like over a year of searching and near misses, I finally snagged a BOSU ball off of Facebook Marketplace at a reasonable price.  It was being offered by Anne Yanisades Doerflein along with some dumbbells and a weighted ball.  I only wanted the BOSU, but at $65 for the lot, I wanted to get over there as quick as I could.  I contacted her within 23 minutes of posting and she already had other offers.  I was relieved that the marked it as pending when I was on my way.

Bosu balls retail for $145 and in secondary markets are usually priced between $50 and $75.

The Ignite (8-10-12#) dumbbell pairs retail for $34, $40 and $46 respectively and can be found in secondary markets for around $1/lb or $60 total.

The Reebok Neoprene dumbbells are certainly the runt of the dumbbell litter, but still worth $0.75/lb

The Danksin weighted ball had such poor reviews that I am tempted to toss it.  No idea what retail would have been.  I am guessing $10.  It could be worth a couple dollars to a potential buyer.

Overall, I feel like I picked up a retail $285 worth of equipment ($130 conservative secondary market) for $65.

I have considered selling the dumbbells, but I think they would be really good for my wife and daughters.  They are certainly much nicer than the cast and vinyl coated light dumbbells we have at home.  Maybe I will try to sell those for $1/lb.

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