Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Back Squat - Metcon

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

CFG - Lacey

1200 - 10 of us


15 Lateral Line Hops
10 Feet Elevated Glute Bridge-Ups
5 Kang Squats 


6 Alt. 90-90 Hip Rotations
6/6 Single Leg RDL
6 Bootstrappers
30 Single Unders *2nd Rnd: 30 Double Unders 


Back Squat (6-6-6*)
*1+1/2 Back Squats
Superset with
15 Feet Elevated Slam Ball Glute Bridge-Ups
-Rest 2:00 b/t Sets-

1 Rep = Squat + Stand to Parallel + Squat + Stand

Build to a Moderate-Heavy Weight. Week 7 of 9.

I worked with 95# for all three sets and had Lacey take a look at my movement.  Depth and half squat above parallel was fine, but she did recommend a dead stop at the bottom.  I was bouncing the stop before fulling extending to complete the rep.


Metcon (AMRAP - Rounds and Reps)
10 Slam Balls Squats (30/20)*
12 Slam Balls
32 Double Unders
-Rest 2:00-
5 Slam Ball Squats
6 Slam Balls
16 Double Unders 
*Can be held any way.

This was an odd workout and my struggle with double unders certainly did not help my cause.  I scaled to 15# slam ball and moved deliberately on the slam ball squats and slam balls.  I scaled to working on double unders for 30 seconds.  In retrospect toe taps or penguin taps may have been a better move.

First 6 minutes - 3 Rounds + 22 Reps.  On the double unders I was stringing a few together at a time and getting between 10-15 reps in 30 seconds

Second 4 minutes - 3 Rounds + 11 Reps.  On the double unders, I was struggling, but moving better, getting ~10 the first round, all 16 the second round and ~12 the third round.

I am not sure how to score this, but recorded 6 + 12 in Wodify.

My calf held up well and that was my bigger concern during the metcon.

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