Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Equipment Wish List

It is abundantly clear that my gym is complete.  I still enjoy perusing a wish list from time to time.

There are (3) items for a total of $335 that I want to get and will order at my leisure.
  • Back Hyperextension - $200+, I saw this on Facebook Marketplace and really want it - BOUGHT 11/10/2021 (SOLD the roman chair for $60)
  • Titan Fitness Adjustable Shelf - $100, I need to go ahead and order this - ORDERED 11/19/2021
  • Rogue 5" Multi-Use Hanger - $35, I need to go ahead and order this - ORDERED 11/11/2021
There are (2) items that I am interested in, but will probably not buy.  These are upgrades and my needs are being met at Crossfit Golden.
  • 20kg Matt Chan Barbell - $420, 20kg Eleiko Hybrid Bar - $699 - Decisions, Decisions
  • Crossover Symmetry - $200, moderate interest
These last (5) items for a total of $1200 I have considered for rounding out the gym, but are either used rarely and/or I do not have room for them.
  • 20# slam ball - $24+, low interest
  • 35# DB pair - $90+, low interest - BOUGHT 11/15/2021 for $65
  • Assault Air Bike - $699, not interested, no room
  • Westside Scout Hyperextension - $350+, not interested, no room
  • EliteFTS Gym Banner - $40, no room for anymore decorations
I am sure there are plenty of other items that will catch my eye from time to time, because I still frequently search for gym equipment, Sorinex, Eleiko, EliteFTS, Powerlift, strongman, weight bench, weight plates, squat rack, crossfit and other search terms that never fail to entertain.

I do have room for a couple of more stall mats, but will not be purchasing them anytime soon.  My space is pretty good for powerlifting and Olympic lifting.  To really get a wod going, it is a little cluttered, but I could always encroach on another garage bay.

I would like to believe that all future purchases will be upgrade items only.  That means I would sell something else.  I will always be on the lookout for commercial grade equipment.  I will also be on the lookout for deals.  If I happen to find a Concept2 bike erg or ski erg for under $500, I will buy it and make room.  Same goes for calibrated weight plates or competition bumpers from Eleiko or Rogue.

It is interesting seeing the movement on the price of steel.  The Matt Chan Barbell is now $420 and the hanger is $39.

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