Monday, October 18, 2021

Back Hyperextension

I have gone back and forth on getting a hyperextension for quite some time.  I do think it is a valuable tool for building posterior chain strength.  While not as versatile as a GHD, it should take up a smaller footprint and be a more suitable addition for my garage gym.  This one is being offered by Spencer Bowersmith on Facebook Marketplace for $200.  He also has a elbow supported knee raise that he is offering at the same $200 price point.  I have zero interest in that item.  But this Hyperextension would allow me to get rid of the piece of crap I have right now that cost me $40 and I am 100% comfortable selling at cost or a loss.

I started looking for other commercial quality back extensions and the prices are all over the place.  There is a Hoist Fitness model on sale on Facebook Marketplace for $700.  I went and checked this out on Sunday 10/31/2021 and it was as advertised.  I liked the foot print at roughly 49" x 26".  Upon doing some further research it is actually a Hoist Ab/Back Roman Hyper HF-4664.  It was released around 2007 and the latest generation the HF-5664 retails for $599.  I saw a Champion Branded model on line for $399 and free shipping.  I like the piece and it may be worth $350, but not for me.  The weight was good at under 100 pounds.  It was stable, but the wheels were useless.

I like this Body Masters model quite a bit as is is easy to add band pegs and has a nice wide thigh platform.  I tried to contact the guy three times on availability and got no response.

EliteFTS - $770 list price
Hoist Fitness - ?
Samson Equipment - $860 list price
Williams Strength - Not offered, just racks and benches
Powerlift USA - would need a quote
Legend Fitness - Not offered
Titan Fitness - $160

UPDATE 11-11-2021

After originally reaching out to Spencer Bowersmith on 10/20 and 10/25, I got a response saying it is available on 10/27.  No response until 11/4 saying he is not sure if he can sell it.  11/10, I get a response that he can in fact sell it and I headed over.  It ended up being housed in the Varsity Athletic Training Center at Regis University (main campus).  The leather was in good shape, but one of the foot pegs was missing a bolt and collar.  Considering the imperfect nature of the piece, Spencer agreed to $180.  I was fine with that as the money goes to the University and Spencer happened to be a Delta Sig.  It was pretty stable and had lots of adjustment.

Upon getting it home, I took a look at the embroidery which said Impact Sports Performance.  A quick search indicated that it was originally ordered for a training studio in Superior, Colorado.  So I am at least the third owner of a well used piece of commercial equipment.

Getting into the repair, I took the foot peg apart and attempted to reverse engineer the hardware from the good side.  

It turns out that I had a 1 inch collar at home which will make for an ideal inner spacer.  

The screw is actually an M10-1.5 by 25mm bolt which may be a little tricky to come by.  Amazon sells a 10 pack from RoyceMart for $9.52 with free shipping. - ordered and need to return as this was actually a 3/8"-16 screw that I could by from Lowes.

The washer has an ID around 10mm and OD of around 37mm and is about 3mm thick.  Amazon sells one from EXTSW 10.16 mm ID x 44.2 mm OD 3.2 mm thick 304 alloy stainless steel washer for $7.40 plus $3.99 shipping.  - ordered and need to return as I could use stacked 3/8" fender washers.

The aluminum plate is the trickiest and has an ID of around 1.375 inches (1/16" thick) and 4.5 inch OD and about half inch wide.  The closest stock part I have found are escutcheon plate that fits around pipes and decoratively covers holes.  Its job is to protect the upholstery from wear.  I found one for 1" IPS pipe (ID should be around 1.315 inches) with an OD of 2-7/8" inches.  It is smaller than I would like.  From it is $0.45 + $4.95 shipping. I could go with a large flat washer 1" ID and 4" OD, but these cost around $5 each as well.  I could go with a 3/4" Black Iron Floor Flange.  ID is supposed to be 1.05 inches.  I would have this face inside.  Decided to just go with 1-1/8" fender washers.

Ordering all of the pieces, I would be out $26.31.  It would be about a wash given that he knocked $20 off the price.  If I can return everything, the price of items from Lowes was $5.90.

I would like to hit it with some metal polish as well.

Aftermarket Foot Roller assemblies are offered by various suppliers (Full Circle Padding and CFF FIT).  This model uses rollers that are 8" long and 6" in diameter.

On further inspection, this was fabricated by Tuffstuff Fitness out of Pomona, California.

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