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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Cleans - Metcon

Tuesday, October 19, 20201

CFG - Greg

1130 - 6 of us

Crossover Symmetry

Warm Up

hip hammy flow
10 boot strappers
10 banded pass through
10 banded kick back
10 side lying windmill
10 over and under the fences
10 drop squat

with barbell
5 high hang clean pull
4 high hang clean high pull
5 hang muscle clean
5 front squat


Every 90 seconds, for 6 minutes (4 sets):
Hang Clean (2 reps @ 65-70% of 1-RM Clean)


Every 90 seconds, for 9 minutes (6 sets):
Hang Clean + Clean ( 75-85% of 1-RM Clean)
Athlete will execute one clean from the hang position, and then one from the floor

I went 95-100-105-105 on the hang cleans and 110-115-115-120-120-125 on the hang clean + clean.


Metcon (Weight)

Every 4 minutes, for 16 minutes (4 sets) for times of:
20/15 Calories of Rowing
5 Cleans @ approximately 70-75% of your 1-RM
Score: Attempts Successfully Made x Weight of Barbell = Total Load Lifted

All of my attempts were at 105# and I went 20/20 or 2100# total.

This was a repeat of 8/19/2021 when I went up to 100# on the HC and 115# on the clean complex.  I did the metcon at 105#.  Essentially, a little heavier on the weightlifting which felt great and same on the metcon.


Reverse Hyperextensions - 3 sets of 8 reps at 90#

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