Monday, October 25, 2021

Bulgarian Bag - Battle Rope

It is official.  I have a problem purchasing gym equipment.  My latest flyer is on an 8kg Bulgarian Bag from Suples purchased for $100 and a SPRI battle rope purchased for $30 from Facebook Marketplace.

The Battle Rope has been on my wish list for about a year, but I do not see myself using it very often.  If not for the $30 price tag, I would not have been interested.  It is perfect for my needs at 40 feet long and 1.5" in diameter it is a good arm workout without being an extreme grip workout.  SPRI retails for upwards of $250, but an equivalent rope from Rep Fitness would cost $76.  

The Bulgarian Bag is an implement that I have seen featured from time to time.  It was developed for wrestlers and has been adopted by the mixed martial arts community for developing grip and rotational strength.  The original Bulgarian Bag from Suples is offered in weights from 6 lbs to 84 lbs.  The Facebook Marketplace had leather bags at 26 lbs ($166 + $30 shipping) and 17 lbs ($142 + $25 shipping).  I swung both of them and felt much more comfortable with the smaller bag.  Knock off bags can be purchased in the $40 to $50 range, but there is something very impressive about leather.

Just playing with it at the house, I was very impressed by the unique movement pattern that is not simulated by any other training that I do.  I look forward to incorporating it into WODs.

My remaining Facebook Marketplace obsession is a 45 degree back hyperextension being offered for $200.  Titan makes a reasonable model at $160.  Other commercial grade pieces are over $500.

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