Thursday, October 21, 2021

Crossfit Lift Move Work

Thursday, October 21, 2021



Warm Up

Crossover Symmetry
Foam Roll
Rope technique
Kip swings
Scap pull-ups
DB strict press
DB push press
Burgener Warm Up

Build up to starting clean - 75, 95, 115, 135, 145#


1 Rep Max Clean

4 minute window

Attempt 1 - 145#
Attempt 2 - 155#
Attempt 3 - 165#
Attempt 4 - 175# (fail)

155# matched my previous best and 165# was a new PR!  I was pretty close at 175# and need to work on getting under the bar.  (Lifters, knee sleeves, thumb tape)

Rest 2 minutes


4 minute window

37 reps 

Started off strict and quickly switched to kipping singles.  I was ecstatic with this outcome.  I was targeting 30-35 reps and came out of the gate pretty hot and was pleased with how well I could hold kipping singles.  (WOD shoes)

Rest 2 minutes

8 Minute AMRAP

20 Double Unders
6 Single Arm DB Push Press (left arm) 50#
6 Single Arm DB Push Press (right arm) 50#
6 Burpees

R1 - 2:03
R2 - 2:37 (4:40)
R3 - 2:17 (6:57)
R4 - DNF - 20 DU + 5 push press

139 total reps.  This was as tough as I expected, but I paced it well and was very happy with my performance.  My double unders were hit or miss and actually improved with subsequent rounds.  The push presses were difficult and I need to use my legs more.  The burpees were incredibly taxing and it was tough to get back on the rope. (WOD Shoes, calf sleeves, elbow sleeves)

Overall this was a great format.  I was feeling really good during the cleans and targeting an attempt every 75 seconds.  I was a little winded on the pull-ups, but not horrible.  The AMRAP was definitely work.  The burpees were truly a sticking point.

Janet coached/scored me for the test.  Feedback points included getting under the bar on cleans, do kipping singles the whole time on pull-ups and improve breathing technique on AMRAP.  I should always be shooting for unbroken sets and should have warmed this up more.

For Men's Track 2 there were 457 scores posted and I was ranked 366 (341 points)
Lift 326T (165 points)
Move 325T (37 points)
Work 274 (139 points)

I was very surprised by how solid my clean ranks and unpleasantly surprised at the number of pull-ups was so far back on the leaderboard.  Unfortunately the leaderboard did not indicate the numbers that people put up.

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