Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Day 6 - No refined sugar snacks

While this may sound like a very specific diet manipulation, it is not entered into lightly.  I have been watching a lot of body building videos and seeing these mass monsters prepare for competition by getting completely shredded has been very inspiring.

These guys are going from 5000+ calories per day to under 2000 calories per day and dropping 10-15% of their body weight during the course of a prep.  While some of it may be gear, they are still putting in the work.

For comparison, I would ideally go from a 2500 calorie diet to at 1000 calorie diet and drop roughly 30# to go from 195# to 165# and even then it is unlikely that I would have visible abs, much less have chest and glute striations visible.

That being said, I am tired of my own bullshit and want a healthier metabolic profile with minimal belly fat.

As the saying goes, 99% is a bitch and 100% is a breeze.  100% means no exceptions for birthday cakes, dessert at Thanksgiving, Christmas cookies.

I did this last year and was able to go from 195# down to 180#.  I have the same goal today, but past 185# I will have to start weighing and measuring my food.  I should probably get in that habit now.

It should be easy as I have a fairly repetitive diet from breakfast and lunch and some variety for dinner.

Day 1 was Sunday 9/26/2021
Day 7 was Sunday 10/3/2021

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