Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Conditioning Equipment - Facebook Marketplace

I came across an interesting Facebook Marketplace (Frank-Stephanie Knappe "Gym Equipment") post that was offering Medicine Balls (12 & 14#), Battle Ropes, Stability Balls with Rack and Leather Bulgarian Bags (17 & 26#).

The Bulgarian Bags caught my eye as I have looked into these in the past and have never pulled the trigger.  Although I rarely use my 50# sand bag, 26# is a nice alternative and priced right at $100 as this is a Size Medium Bag that would retail for $166 + $30 shipping from Suples.

The have also been in the market for a rope, but the price point is not nearly as attractive at $40.  A 30 foot 1.5" rope would cost me $60 at Titan Fitness.  

If I could manage both items for $100 or $120, I would probably take both home.

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