Thursday, September 2, 2021

Titan Fitness Mass Storage System

I came across a 73" high 42" wide Titan Fitness Mass Storage System.  It appears to be in good shape, with (3) plate/ball storage shelves.  It did not include side bracings.

It was being offered for $200 on Facebook Marketplace from Eric Peters in Stapleton.  Retail is $300 from Titan, with free shipping, but I would have paid sales tax.  I got there and it was in great shape, so I did not haggle too much and the seller was willing to take $180.

Stabilizer Bars would be an additional $35 and a shelf would be $70-$90 from Titan, both include free shipping.

The owner was selling because he moved to a 93" monster system in order to have 5 rows of shelving and he integrated a cable crossover into the end of the rig.

I have had my eye on a storage solution for quite a while and I was debating brand and size much more than I should have been.  This is a clean solution, but will only be complete once I add the shelf for my (3) kettlebells and (2) sets of dumbbells.  The sandbag will continue to live on the floor.  I will also get change plate holders ($35) to mount to the side of the mass storage unit.

It was pretty easy to assemble and is really sturdy.  I am in no rush to buy the kettlebell shelf, but I would like some change plate pegs.  I just need to make sure, the rep pegs are compatible with 4" hole spacing.  Since I was all organized, I decided to do a quick powerlifting workout.  I also moved the squat box and silencer pads to the basement.

UPDATE 9/8/2021 - I did end up ordering a set of change plate storage posts from Rep Fitness and they fit great, so I ordered a second set.  They were $20 each including shipping.

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