Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Home Gym

With the purchase of a storage system, my home gym is complete.

Total Spend - $5,836

Basics - ($2,343) Flooring, rack, barbells, plates, bench and dumbbells.  All good purchases, but the dumbbells do not see much action.

Cardio Equipment - ($990) I love the Concept2 rower.  I have considered getting an Assault Air Bike, but that is really overkill for my space.

Crossfit - ($969) All good purchases, but I really do not use the bands, rings, rope or weight vest ever.  Favorite items are pull-up bar, abmats and jump rope.

Strongman - ($750) Do not use any of this stuff, but the yoke is my primary rack.  Stone day is always fun.

Miscellaneous - ($849) Love the timer and storage system.  The Hip Extension, Squat Box and Silencer Pads were poor purchases that I should part with.

I will upgrade my beater bar to a Matt Chan at some point for $395.  I would also like to get a ROMWOD mat (they are now $118).  I have also considered getting an incline bench, but only casually peruse offerings.  Otherwise everything is perfect.

I have considered and rejected getting an Assault Air Bike, 20# Slam Ball, 35# dumbbell pair, battle rope, Crossover Symmetry and Hyperextension.

Although I rarely use them, I will hang my rope and rings at some point.  I will also hold onto my EliteFTS squat box, although it see more dust that box squats.  I should probably sell my REP folding rack, but am having a hard time parting with it.  I need to sell my technique plates, Titan Silencer Pads and excess change plates.  Somehow, I have ended up with
  • (2) 10# pairs (Eleiko and REP V2)
  • (4) 5# pairs (Eleiko, REP V2, REP V2, Weider)
  • (3) 2.5# pairs (Eleiko, REP V2, Weider)
  • (1) 1.25# pair (Eleiko)
Otherwise, everything is grand.  I have over 500# of Olympic plates to "match" my 300# deadlift.

By dollar value, I am a REP Equipped Gym:
  • 22% REP Fitness
  • 17% Concept2
  • 15% Rogue Fitness
  • 10% Raptor Fitness Supplier
  • 37% Miscellaneous including Titan Fitness, Eleiko, EliteFTS, J-Box, Great Mats, Simpson Fitness Supply, Dynamax, Brute Force, Knot & Rope, OSO, Onnit, Hi-Temp, Jump-N-Rope, Cybex and Abmat
I occasionally covet professional grade equipment like Power Lift, Sorinex, Rogue Fitness and others.  I have never considered getting weight stack machines although a lat pull down / low row would be good for body building.

The new/used split was $5,078 / $758 in terms of dollars, but that $758 represents $1,625 in equipment.

I have bought and sold a GHD, kettlebell, strongman tire and standard bar and plates at roughly what I paid.  No flipping or price gouging.  I occasionally miss my Power Lift GHD and will hopefully purchase a Power Lift bench and plyo box in the future.  I do not miss the strongman tire.  It was a huge footprint that I rarely used.  The kettlebell and standard bar and plates went to a good home.

In the grand scheme of things, the expense is within what is typical for my hobbies.

I have spent more on bicycles and less on other equipment intensive hobbies like scuba (~$3,300), golf (~$2,500) and skiing (~$1,200)

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