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Friday, March 20, 2020

Governor Closes Gyms

Governor Polis decried that gyms will be closed to the public for 30 days.  Given that the Covid 19 coronavirus can live on surfaces for 2-3 days, this is a very reasonable step to slow the spread of infection.  Some gyms are cleaner that others, but even the cleanest gyms will have respiratory droplets finding their way from one individual to another.

Crossfit Golden has complied with the Governor's order and has taken some valuable steps to ensure fitness continuity for its members.

  • Loaning out equipment
  • Posting workout descriptions and modifications online
  • Live streaming classes a daily class on instagram

An outstanding question is what Crossfit Golden will do in terms of billing.  Will my credit card be charged on April 1st for the unlimited membership? Crossfit Golden is in the enviable position of being in business since 2012, having 350 members and only a couple of full time coaches.  Rent, affiliation fees, contracts with suppliers (insurance, cleaning services, utilities and benefits) are still fixed expenses.  The variable expenses they do have may be maintained for the well being of the community.  The gym cannot suspend membership payments indefinitely, nor can members subsidize the facility indefinitely. 

The pandemic and calls for shelter in place certainly strengthen the case for the home gym.  I have been able to complete all of the workouts so far with minimal modifications due to equipment.  I do not have a rower (or any other cardio equipment).  It would be nice to have a gym timer.  However, in the summer months I can ride and bike outdoors and do pull-ups at the playground.

When it warms up, I am going to grab a sheet of plywood for wall balls and handstand kick-ups.  I am also planning on putting a coat of paint (and some posters on the walls.  I will probably just opt for a blue tooth speaker for music.  I will not install a full on heating system, but I will see how far along I can get with a space heater.  It is $100 well spent to have the space be more comfortable.

I am not planning any equipment additions primarily due to space constraints.  The only thing I am considering upgrading is the barbell.

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