Tuesday, March 24, 2020

My Gym Equipment

4 - 4x6 stall mats
Gymnastics mat
Rep Fitness fold away rack
Cybex flat bench

Rogue 20kg beater bar (31 mm)
Rep Fitness 15# technique bar
Rep Fitness 5' axel bar
Rogue Hi Temp bumpers - 2x45, 2x25, 2x15, 2x10
Weider change plates - 2x5, 2x2.5
Rep Fitness technique plates - 2x5#
OSO clamps

Stackable plyo boxes - 2x12", 1x8"
14# wall ball
35# kettlebell
53# kettlebell
2 abmats
Wooden gymnastics rings
10' climbing rope
Speed jump rope
Beaded jump rope

45# sandbag

70# atlas stone
95# atlas stone

Standard barbell (for 1" plates)
Standard curl bar (for 1" plates)
Standard dumbbell handles (for 1" plates)
200# of standard plates - 4x25, 4x10, 6x5, etc.

My wife also has a smattering of light, cheap dumbbells, kettlebells and hard med balls.  We have a couple of yoga mats.

The vast majority was put together from garage sales, clearance sales, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and a few items were purchased new.

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