Saturday, March 28, 2020

Selling Weights in a Time of Covid

I have slowly accumulated strength equipment over a number of years.  Since 2010, I have grabbed items at yard sales, Craigslist and new when something is on sale or just strikes my fancy.  As a result, I found myself with "extra" stuff while folks are desperate to keep training.  The extra is in quotes as one can never have too much weight equipment, but some stuff certainly gets more use than other stuff.

The first item I parted with was a 53# (24 kg, 1.5 pood) kettlebell that I purchased from Rep Fitness.  Going back through my archives, I paid $94.53 for a pair of 35# and 53#.  Today, Rep Fitness sells the same item for $67 ($70 with 4.5% tax).  I listed it for $60 and it sold within hours.

The second item I parted with was a standard barbell (71") long, (2) clips and (4) 25# weight plates.  I found these at a yard sale extremely cheap ($0.10/#) several years ago and they have been collecting dust.  I listed the bar, clips and plates for $120 and it sold within hours.  CAP sells a 60" barbell for $40 through Amazon and they sell 25# plates for $30 each through Walmart.  My $120 asking price was 75% of retail and high side ($1.00/#).

The set also came with (6) 10# weight plates, (6) 5# plates and (2) 3# plates and a EZ curl bar.  I know I will get more use out of the smaller denominations and bought some dumbbell handles at Walmart for $12 to build a set of dumbbells.  The EZ curl bar will be good for skull crushers, high pulls and curls.

My home gym is certainly becoming more right sized.  

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