Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Rep Fitness PR-3110 Rack

I just realized that I never posted about my rack.  This is more for posterity.  I started with a pull-up bar dip station that I got for $20 in 2015.  After it got little and less use in the basement and garage and took up a lot of space, I sold it for $50 in 2017.  I then was on the lookout for a folding rack.  I considered squat stands for powerlifting only, but Rep Fitness was having a sale last fall and I ended up getting a PR-3110 for $190 and added the spotter arms for another $50.  Basically the best price imaginable.

This price was not without caveats.  The series has been discontinued.  Any accessories can only be found in the Rep Fitness garage sale area.


2" x 3" (80 mm x 50 mm exact).  Only guaranteed to be compatible with rep attachments
11 gauge steel
plastic lined J-cups
1.25" pull-up bar

After some hiccups with installation, it is not very easy to fold away and take back out (except for the pull-up bar which adds a ton of stability, but is a pain in the ass).  Read the instructions, plan the direction of opening and closing and measure everything twice.

The only accessories, I might consider are plate holders, an extra set of j-cups and an extra pull-up bar.  None of those are pressing and the rack has done its job well.

In retrospect, I should have gotten the smaller rack (21.5") instead of (41"), but they were both the same price.  I do not need the footprint and the 21.5" would fold away smaller against the wall.  The 41" required me to center it better in the garage.  This got in the way of my ring hangers.  Now I have rings and rack, but not both at the same time.

If I started from scratch, I would likely get a stand alone pull-up bar mounted to the ceiling or wall.  For powerlifting, I would likely get squat stands or a yoke.  Squat stands and/or Yoke will be less stable than a rig, power rack bolted to the floor or folding rack.  However for the lifting I do, a freestanding contraption is more than sufficient.

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