Tuesday, August 10, 2021

New Gym Bag

The unfortunate day has arrived that I have to replace my Planet Fitness duffle bag.  This bag has served me extremely well for the past several years of Crossfit and I may repair it.  The only thing that is off is the zipper on top which is currently held together with a binder clip.

The current dimensions are approximately 18x10x11 (1980 cu in or 32L) and it is extremely light.

It is currently home to:
  • Weight Belt - weekly
  • Knee  Sleeves - weekly
  • Wrist Wraps - weekly
  • Calf Sleeves - weekly
  • Elbow Sleeves - rarely
  • Mechanix Gloves - rarely
  • JAW grips - often
  • Wodfitters grips - rarely
  • Nubz - rarely
  • Beaded Rope - rarely
  • Training Rope - weekly
  • OSO clamps - rarely
  • (3) rolls of tape - rarely
  • Wrist bands - rarely
  • Lifting straps - rarely
  • Sunglasses - rarely
  • Gym Towel - rarely
  • Albuterol - often
  • Chap Stick - rarely
  • Chalk bag - rarely
  • Lacrosse Ball - rarely
  • Hip Circle - rarely
There is certainly an opportunity to clean some stuff out.  I will keep the stuff that I use on a regular basis and make sure they are accessible.  I will take some items home.

I considered the following options:
  • Patagonia Black Hole 40L - ($129) Simple, durable, multipurpose bag; not Crossfit specific
  • King Kong Core35 - ($129) 35L Includes a lot of bells & whistles, pockets; Crossfit specific
  • Bear Komplex Gym Bag - ($99) ~45L with bells & whistles, spots to attach patches; Crossfit specific
  • No Bull Waxed Canvas Duffleback - ($199) - 33L, Simple, elegant, waxed canvas makes for heirloom quality
  • 2Pood Performance Duffle Bag (Sold Out) - 51L, shoe compartments, weight belt compartment, relatively simple design
I like being organized, but I do not like a plethora of pockets for items to get hidden away.  I like the customization that the Bear Komplex bag offers, but I could not see much benefit from the other Crossfit specific bags.  I am 99% sure that I will opt for the Patagonia Black Hole 40L bag.  It is $129 and I can get free ship to store at my local REI.  I like the brand and the multipurpose nature of the bag.  I would like to use it for travel as well.  My favorite color that I have seen is Roamer Red.

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