Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Lap Swim

Tuesday August 3, 2021

Carmody Recreation Center - 2200 S Kipling Street


50 FR
8x100 FR (IN 2:15 ON 3:00)
25 BK
25 BR

After discovering that Grant Ranch Open Water Swimming was less than 10 minutes from my house, I wanted to get into the pool for some lap swim.  After a quick internet search, I discovered the Carmody Recreation Center was the closest pool to the house and home to the Squid Masters Swimming Team.

Check is was a breeze and they did not ask for proof of address for the resident rate.  They did provide a 25% military discount which brought the daily admission down to $4.50.

Upon entering there is a large set of machines and cardio equipment.  There are also some Pilates and Yoga rooms.  They have a large indoor pool a convenient schedule for lap swim.  They have a smaller outdoor pool.  The outdoor area also has a few rigs, rowers and a treadmill.  Overall, I was very impressed and will definitely stop by again.

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