Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Jerkfit Nubz

Last night, I got a sponsored post that Jerkfit had free nubz, just pay shipping and handling.  I could not help myself and ordered my free nubz ($9.99 value) and only paid the $4.99 shipping and handling (which is really just first class postage).

These gizmos are supposed to slip on your thumbs (20-25mm across the thumb knuckle is a medium for my 20 mm thumbs) and are essentially the equivalent of taping your thumbs for workouts.

The only time this is a real issue for me is Olympic lifting and I need the thumb protection for snatches and like the thumb protection on cleans.

I like Jaybird Elastic tape.  I am not sure what they stock at Crossfit Golden, but it works just fine as well.  If I am in the market again, I will try Lift-Rx tape.  I do not see any reason to purchase Goat Tape.

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