Saturday, April 6, 2019

Crossfit Gym Downsizing

I saw a post on Facebook recently that a Crossfit Gym was downsizing and was making some of the equipment that would not fit in the new space open to the Crossfit community.

I have a few items on my list to complete a home gym so I felt obligated to stop by.

Gyms Merging Sale!! Friday Saturday Sunday. As we combine equipment from two gyms, we have too much to fill our space. Pass this around if you know anyone looking for:

rogue hi-temp bumpers, rogue HD bumpers, rogue barbells(45/35/15), OSO collars, Model D rowers, floor mats 3/4" thickness, 3-way box jumps, york squat/bench racks, flat benches, dynamax wall-balls, ader kettlebells, atlas stones, tractor tires, airdyne bikes, timer clocks, abmats, rogue red folding mats, rogue wooden rings w/ competition straps, assistance bands, paralettes, floor scrubber, fridge, iMac, TVs, receiver, gym speakers, sonos connect, ikea cubbies...

If you don't see it listed ask me I probably left it out. Literally enough for someone to start a whole gym or studio with. This is the best quality stuff. Prices for most things are 1/2 of retail with the exception of bumpers and rowers. Anyone wants first dibs I'll be here (275 Waneka Parkway, Lafayette) 1:30-4:30 today; Saturday afternoon 12-4, Sunday 9-11 and 2-4. Or PM me if you need a different time.

While I certainly do not need any of this stuff, I had my sights set on Rogue HD Bumpers, a Model D rower, a York Squat Rack, a 20# Dynamax Wall Ball, an Atlas Stone, Tractor Tire, Gym Clock and a set of paralettes.  The prices were fair for the equipment I was interested in, but by no means a bargain.

Rogue Hi-Temp Bumpers - $1.25/lb (retail $1.89/lb)
Rower - $725 (retail $900)
Dynamax Wall Ball - $75 (retail $125)
Atlas Stone 70# to 135# ~$0.33/lb
Tractor Tires - $25
Gym Clock - $100 (retail $260)
Paralettes (PVC) - $25
Abmat - $15

In the end, I ended up getting a 70# stone and a 95# stone for $60.  I have been scouring Craig's List and Facebook for stones for the past 3 months without success and really was not in the mood to make them from my own molds.  I was on the fence regarding the gym timer and a set of 45# bumpers.  I would still like a gym clock, but will wait until I have a dedicated workout space.  I will pay the premium when required.  In regards to the bumpers, that is less than what I paid for my original bumpers ($1.50/lb) but not by enough for me to go forward with the $110 cost.  I have enough weight at home for my home use.

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